Eleven Breathwork is an exploration of reclaiming the connection to yourself and your inner resources, shifting physical and emotional energy, whilst building strong foundations of breathing so you can breathe as efficiently as you can.

There is a benefit for everyone, whether that’s to reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, eliminate toxins, improve sleep, improve creativity, induce flow states, let go of repressed emotions or better health.



An exploration of breathwork on a one-to-one basis using both functional and state enhancing techniques specifically tailored to your needs.


Classes / Workshops hosted online or in person and will vary in themes.

Instagram will be the most up to date schedule.



Please see below for more information on these offerings or get in touch if you have you questions.


Working one to one together we can explore breathwork using both functional and state-enhancing techniques of breathing.

Dependent on one’s needs and how long we work together the general flow of sessions involve the following: analysis of your current breath pattern so we can flag any dysfunctional breathing patterns, you will gain a good understanding of the breath and how it effects the nervous system so that you can use it as a tool to enhance your physical and mental health, performance and emotional wellbeing.

We’ll use a powerful breath technique called ‘conscious connected breathing’ which is a continuous and rhythmic style of breathing, where we’ll breathe to carefully selected music and sound frequencies to enhance ones conscious state. We may use additional techniques throughout sessions including movement, use of sound and toning and meditation.

I’d recommend that we work together for at least 3-4 sessions and once a week so we can keep the momentum of the sessions going and our work together can be fully integrated.


“When A Child Is Born, So Is A Mother”

This 1:1 breathwork session is a celebration of becoming a mother and honouring everything that motherhood means.

Gentle movement and stretching (focusing on the scalp, jaw and diaphragm) sound, meditation and a powerful rhythmic and connected breathing technique, will help to boost your immune system, stimulate blood flow and clear and release any physical and emotional tension held within the body, to promote emotional and mental wellbeing post birth.

This deep and transformative breathwork session gives your body and mind the time to rest and relax, allowing you to be present within that moment, to process emotions. It will bring you to a place of stillness so you can access the primal brain, release that inner lioness and connect to a new level of internal wisdom, creativity and awareness.

From day one we learn to tap into our inner resources and gut feelings. In the early days of becoming a mother, if you feel like you did not give yourself the chance to heal emotionally, the stored emotions can turn into tension and we perhaps might feel disconnected to ourselves.

It is therefore imperative that we give ourselves the time and space to step out of our head and into our bodies, enabling us to to be in a place of receptivity so we can tap into those internal resources and powers and reconnect with ourselves.

Birth itself is a transformational life event which we need to process. Within a safe space, mothers will be encouraged to share their birth story, allowing them to do so and feel heard. Birth can also leave mothers feeling disconnected within the pelvis area, or tension is held here, this session is curated to symbolically help close this space.

To get the most out of this 1:1 I recommend attending from six weeks postpartum, however it is open to all, so even if you gave birth six years ago you can still benefit.

This is Coming Home.


“Conscious Breathing Mums”

Whether you are a new or experienced mum, you need your tribe and you also need your coping mechanisms, I have combined the two with ‘Conscious Breathing Mums’ a group breathwork session, where mums can relax, reset and reconnect within a safe environment.

Join me for an exploration of the breath and learn techniques that will support you both emotionally and mentally, whilst enhancing well-being and connecting you with local and like-minded women.

Motherhood is an emotional rollercoaster and the breath is an immediate way to harmonise with our nervous system, changing our emotions and mental well-being state. Once we become aware of how our emotions change the breath, we can change our breath to improve emotions.


‘Breath Rehab’ has been specifically curated to provide you with tools to incorporate breath practices into everyday life, by improving functional breathing, strengthening the diaphragm, relieving physical and emotional tension and balancing the nervous system.

We all suffer from dysfunctional breathing at some point in life, however it is more common within pregnant women because breath becomes compromised as the baby grows. If dysfunctional breathing patterns are not corrected, it can become a bad habit that continues post birth, it is therefore crucial to re-educate our bodies on how to functionally breathe again.

The diaphragm is the main breathing muscle and vital for postural control. Post birth, it is as important to strengthen the diaphragm, as it is the pelvic floor because they work simultaneously to stabilise the core. Your diaphragm is the roof and the pelvic floor, the floor, so if we want a strong core, diaphragmatic strengthening is key.

Dysfunctional breathing can also contribute to other ailments such as sleep disorders, poor digestion, stress and anxiety. Better breathing allows the body to do its job, ensuring that all systems within work together in harmony.